The Benefits of Membership
Building on the rich traditions that have shaped the organization since its founding in 1933, the New Hampshire Fire Chiefs’ Association has evolved into an active, respected organization that still serves its original intent – working for the benefit of New Hampshire fire and emergency Fire Chiefs through services and the development of Chief Fire Officers.  We are strong advocates for the NH Fire and Emergency Medical Services as well as engaging our state agencies to assist in providing the best quality of fire and EMS Training.
Our original purpose remains strong today.  "The organization would be known as The New Hampshire Fire Chiefs Club, and the purpose of which shall be to discuss the best methods to prevent and extinguish fires and such other matters of interest of the fire service from time to time bring to our attention and also to promote social and fraternal relationships”.   
You add your voice when you join the New Hampshire Fire Chiefs’ Association, and together with our members, as a cohesive group, we can advocate for our emergency services.  We have advocated for:
  • A comprehensive fire code that protects our communities and their residents;
  • The Association taking a leading role for the fire service in our state’s Homeland Security efforts and funding;
  • Codes and regulations that ensure fire department and personnel safety in a realistic context;
  • A call for ongoing excellence in education for firefighters and emergency medical responders.  
  • Education that prepares current fire department leaders to address today’s issues while training tomorrow’s leaders to step forward;
  • Effective use of electronic communications and the Internet to disseminate information quickly and efficiently;
  • Conferences and seminars that answer the need for current thinking in fire department management and allow time for networking and problem- solving.