Title  Position Requirement Name Department
Board of Fire Control 1 - Fire Warden/Volunteer  or Fulltime Chief Scott Hunter Bedford Fire Department
Board of Fire Control 1 - Volunteer Fire Chief Allan Clark  Sugar Hill FD
Emergency Medical & Trauma Services Coordinating Board 1 Member NHAFC Maurice Paquette Allenstown Fire Department
Enhanced 911 Commission 1  - Member NHAFC Henry Thomas Newbury Fire Dept.
Fire Standards & Training Commission Chief of a Volunteer Dept Allan Clark Sugar Hill Fire Dept.
Fire Standards & Training Commission Chief of a Career Dept. Don DeAngelis Epping Fire Department
Forest Advisory Board 1 - Member NHAFC    
Length of Service Awards Program 1 - Volunteer Fire Chief    
Manufactured Housing Installation Standards Board 1 - Municipal Fire Chief     Thomas Blanchette Loudon Fire Department
NH Fire and EMS Committee of Merit NHAFC Member Timothy Joubert Laconia Fire Department
NH Director - New England Association of Fire Chiefs-Division of IAFC Elected by NHAFC Caucus/NEAFC membership  Shawn Murray Goffsown
State Building Code Review Board Full-time Fire Chief Matthew Conley Amherst Fire
State Building Code Review Board   Fire Prevention Officer Peter Lennon Manchester FD
Trauma Medical Review Committee   NHAFC Member Craig Clough Loudon Fire Department
NH Fire/EMS/LE Foundation - Director NHAFC Member Deb Pendergast NH Fire Academy
NVFC NHAFC Member Charles Corey Brookline FD        
Statewide Interoperability Executive Committee 1 - Fire Chief of a City                         1 Fire Chief of a Town Michael Sitar and Michael Foss Tilton-Northfield - Franklin Fire Dept.
NH Traffic Safety Commission 1 Member NHAFC Matthew Conley Amherst Fire
Governor's Commission on Opioid Deaths 1 Member NHAFC Stephen Heath Ashland Fire Dept.
Homeland Security Emergency Managemnt Grant Committtee 1 Member NHAFC Scott Hunter Bedford Fire Department
New Hampshire Drug Overdose Fatality Review Commission 1 Member NHAFC Henry Thomas  
Joint Committee on Code Enforcement 1 Member NHAFC Brad Ober Gilford Fire/Rescue
First Responder Sub Committee for Planning and Implementing 988 1 Member NHAFC    
Commission to Study Effects of PTSD on First Responders 1 Member NHAFC James Watkins Berlin Fire 
NHAFC Professional Development Committee 4 members NHAFC  Justin Cutting; Scott Tice  
    Scott Cathy and Jon Steere